Helpful Hints


If you think you are ready to place your order, we have some Helpful Hints to assist us in assisting you:

Step 1: Grab a cuppa and think about what you are going to need!

Step 2: Draw out a sketch of the project including measurements of the area that you are going to be working with. You will need to measure the following areas:

Length: _________________________

Width: __________________________

Depth/Height: __________________

No need for you to try to make the conversion to cubic metres, our friendly experienced staff are there to assist you with this. All you need to supply are the above measurements.

Step 3: Choose the product you will be requiring for the project:

  • Timber
  • Blocks
  • Soil
  • Bark etc

Step 4: Come in and see our large range of products. All on site or displayed for your convenience.

Step 5: Once you have the product and quantity of material for the project it is time to think about transporting it to your site. We have three options for your convenience:

  1. Bring your own trailer
  2. Borrow one of our trailers, or
  3. Have us deliver the product to your site (delivery cost applies)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your partner changes your mind after your project has commenced it could become expensive. Consequently, we suggest that the planning process should be a joint venture and the more accurate the plan you start out with, the less wastage you will end up with.

Our Friendly Team are always available to assist where we can …

So call Brett or the team on 07 3889 0200!