Luscious turf to suit every Queenslanders yard! The Landscaping Yard carries all the major brands when it comes to turf. We specialize in providing the best turf for yards throughout Queensland. Before you spend large amounts of money on your turf project, let’s work out the area required so that we know how much Turf and Under Turf Soil we require.

It is quite a simple step really. Just multiply the Length x the Breadth to gain the area of Turf required and give those measurements to the friendly team at The Landscaping Yard and Hardware and they will ensure you order the amount you require.

Next Step is to work out the type of Turf you require for the job. We need to ascertain the level of sunlight that the area has each day. A minimum of 4-6 hours per day requires a Narrow Blade Grass. Anything less than that is best suited to a Broad- Leaf Grass such as Sir Walter or Palmetto. However, again if you are unsure, your friendly team at The Landscaping Yard and Hardware are always there to assist you in choosing the right Turf for your project.

For Guaranteed Delivery on Friday, Saturday, please have order placed by 1pm Thursday

The Landscaping Yard stock the below products and more: