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Tools, Ladders & Equipment Hire


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Come in and see us today to view our extensive range of hire equipment.

The following is a list of our Hire Equipment:

Aerator Lawn Steel Spiked
Auger Posthole
Bull Float 915mm W/Handle
Cement Mixer Unit 51
Compressor 2.25hp Renegade
Hammer Drill Rok
Hammerdrill Ramset
Hand Trolley H/D 2 Wheel
Hand Trolley L/Duty
Hand Trolley Step 6 Wheel
Ladder Safe Step
Lawn Roller Unit 2 60lt
Lawn Roller Unit 7 100lt
Nail Gun Coil Koala
Nailer Brads 18-50mm
Nailer Framing Apach
Nailer Framing T/Tool
Pallet Jack
Panel Lifter
Planer Electric G M C
Plank Alum 6m
Plank Clamp
Pressure Cleaner
Rake Garden
Router 1200w Rok
Hire Saw Circular 7 1/4 Dynalink
Scraper Floor Tile
Screed 1.5m
Screed 2.4m
Shovel Posthole Twin Handle
Sledge Hammer 8lb
Spirit Level 1m
Spreader Fertiliser and Seed
Spreader Topsoil No 45 Wood Handle
Stapler Air 6-16mm
Star Post Driver
Stepladder 6’Stud Finder Stanley
Tile Cutter
Trestle 10ft/3m
Trestle 14ft/4.2m
Trestle 16’/4.8m
Trestle 6’/1.8m
Trowel Fresno 600mm W/Handle
Wheelbarrow Unit 3

TRAILERS: Use our trailers at no charge when purchasing products from the Landscaping Yard and Hardware.